HISTORY (Since 2007)

Watch Winder Smith began in 2007. We started as a team of three talented craftsmen with a passion for horology and a desire to create a watch winder that would enhance the experience of owning a watch. We have established the essential characteristics for our watch winder brand below:
---Super Quiet
---Long usage lifetime
---Eyes light up design and practical usage
---Fits Super-sized to small watches
---Craftmenship for collection value
---Easy for maintanance
We believe that owning such a watch winder can serve both a functional purpose and allow you to proudly display your precious watch.

How we did? We gathered and classified each buyer's comment from our sales and keep improving accordingly from day 1:

---Super Quiet. We use world top Brand Japanese Mabuchi motor and match our own develop gear set.
---Long usage lifetime. In 2020, Watch Winder Smith achieved a technical breakthrough for super long term usage, which made the difference from many others 1 or 2 years usage lifetime product in the market.
---Patented eyes light up design and practical usage. We choose natural bamboo housing for our classical collection. In 2023, we add a modern collection, crystal colorful acrylic housing, which match differece watch color, just like a watch inside a diamond.
---Fits Super-sized to small watches. Some men's wrist is super big or some believes super size watch is a fashion, so we designed our own mold and different size watch pillow includes in each package, which fits watch from ø56mm ~ø26mm, Max load weight 300g.
---Craftmenship for collection value. Each piece watch winder is by craftmenship, not from machchine mass production.
---Easy for maintanance. In order to long live for many years, easy maintainance is very important, which means everyone can replace parts winthin a few minutes. This is the core philosophy of the design that WWS has followed since day one.

Excellent service is very important for a brand and Watch Winder Smith has been doing so! We provide 2 yeas warranty and to respond winthin 24 hours.
Watch Winder Smith have been successfully selling worldwide for years, including US, CA, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL, CZ, SW, Luxembourg, NL, AU, JP, and Southeast Asia countries.