“automatic” or “self-winding” mechanical watch which employs a built-in rotary pendulum mechanism to wind the spring.
Typically, such watches must be hand wound every two or three days to insure continuous operation.
For collectors and dealers of self-winding watches, it is important that all of their watches run all the time. Of course, a watch that has stopped can be rewound and the date corrected, but having to do that for more than two watches can be a very time-consuming task.

Watch Winder Smith has 4 Stage Setting Modes Control setting with Clockwise/Counter Clockwise Rotation: To suit different winding needs and prevent watches from insufficient or over windin.
Different RPD(Rotation Per Day) for Different Winding Needed:
Mode 1: Stop

Mode 2:576 RPD; Use for daily watch use

Mode 3:1440 RPD; Use for daily short time usage

Mode 4: 1920 RPD; Use for occasional usage

Mode 5: 2400 RPD; Use for collecting watches

Tips: Don't know what mode your watch needs?

----Start from Mode 2
----Monitor time accuracy
Over the next 48 hours or so, periodically check to see if the watch is still keeping accurate time. In general, automatics have approximately 40 hours of reserve from the time they have been wound. If the time is still correct after two days, this is the right setting for you and you don’t need to do any more experimenting.
However, if the time is wrong, increase to the next TPD setting and repeat the above process.